I will tread the Way firmly—with an empty mind and a positive spirit.

I will remain sober, allowing the sun of consciousness to blaze unclouded within me.

If I speak, I will speak the truth, and speak it with compassion.

If I act, the Divine Will—to which I have surrendered this vessel I call “body”—shall propel me.

When I fall, when I falter, I will rise and reconnect to the Tao until I can rise no more, returning then to the Universal Source.

I ask for the strength to live these words so when the darkness of the world clamps its wicked jaws around my children, the light of my living example will spark within them kindred conflagrations, devouring the beasts of eternal night I wish them never to know.

Whoa Gee Motte Kuru No Iasho Ni

About Jeff Opfer

Jeff is a carpenter and freelance writer born and raised in the Reno area. View all posts by Jeff Opfer

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