Bunbu Itchi

 Let me flow like water sublime
           rolling over and around             
                  knowing no obstacle
                         only ever-changing possibility
              drifting with the Tao on the tides of yang and yin
           no hesitation
               cascading into void
                     carving through stone itself
                 humbly flowing
             to a stillness so perfect
          the whole world, reflected, cannot mar me
                with its passage overhead 

I grew up in two families: one where I lived with my mother and step-father, and one where I practiced Danzan Ryu Jujutsu. The name of the school where my beloved jujutsu family gathered is Mizu Shin Tao, or Way of the Water Spirit. I cannot pay back all Mizu Shin Tao and my mentors there have given me, but I contribute in small ways, and one of these ways is by writing a blog entitled Bunbu Itchi for the Mizu Shin Tao website.

“Bunbu Itchi” is a term I picked up from Victor Harris while reading his translation of A Book of Five Rings, and according to him it means “Pen and sword in accord”. If you’re interested in martial arts, oriental medicine, or possibly my writing please visit the website or the school.

For my blog:http://mizushintao.com/blog/

For the school itself:http://mizushintao.com/

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