Visual Arts

I’ve given away, lost, or destroyed every painting and many of my drawings that I spent hours working on. Someone was polite enough recently to ask me for samples of my work, and I was embarrassed to realize I didn’t have much of a portfolio. I’m interested in taking up painting again, but this time I’m going to save digital images of the work, which I will most likely display here. Thanks for checking out my work.

Acrylic roughly 16″ x 24″
Pencil roughly 18″ x 24″
My friend Paul Sahagun fabricated the metal pieces and tack-welded them all.
I painted this drum upon request. I do not recall the tribe it is associated with, but it was somewhere cold. Acrylic on hide.
This is the last painting I attempted. It’s time to start again. It was an attempt to render a creature from Hindu folklore, but I forget what it is called.

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